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Meet the Advisors

The Regimen program was designed based on evidence from hundreds of peer reviewed studies, and under the supervision of a team of world-class doctors and researchers.

Roles and responsibilities

Our advisors helped us design the Regimen program from scratch, from its general areas of focus to the content of the informational resources, tools, and exercises that are included in it. They also continually review and add to our content, and keep us up-to-date on advancements in research in their specialized fields. Read on and get to know the medical professionals who have dedicated their time and expertise to our program.

Dr. Wolf Beecken, MD

As Medical Director of Regimen, practicing urologist, and professor at Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany, Dr. Beecken’s commitment to holistic andrological treatment underscores his medical practice and research. His experience includes a three-year project at Harvard University as well as numerous published articles, a book about cancer, and a role advising pharmaceutical company Lilly during their launch of Cialis in Germany.

In addition to providing urological insights for the Regimen program, Wolf serves as coordinator of our scientific advisory board.

Dr. Husain Shabeeh, BSc MBBS PhD FRCP

A consultant cardiologist practicing in London, England with an NHS practice at King’s College Hospital and a private practice in Harley Street, Dr. Shabeeh is also Clinical Lead for Cardiology at Croydon University Hospital. Dr. Shabeeh’s specialisation in the management of heart disease and particular interest in digital health as well as men's health have shaped the Regimen program’s approach to cardiovascular health. His award-winning research has earned him multiple scholarships from the British Heart Foundation and was even featured on the front pages of national newspapers.

Mark Allen, PhD

Alongside his position as Senior Lecturer in Health Psychology at the University of Wollongong, Australia, Dr. Allen’s research has covered widespread topics, including mental and sexual health as well as health and sport psychology. His groundbreaking review comparing holistic and pharmaceutical ED treatments informed the physical activity components of the Regimen program even before he became part of the team – and since taking his position on the scientific advisory board, he has lent his expertise to other aspects of the program as well.


As a physical therapist specializing in pelvic health, Dr. Cohen has helped countless individuals treat sexual dysfunction and pelvic-related conditions. In parallel to her work in her San Diego, California practice, Dr. Cohen has also pioneered numerous research studies – including an influential review on pelvic floor training for erectile function – and designed the pelvic floor training included in the Regimen program.

New advisors next year

In 2022, we will welcome a respected London general practitioner to our advisory board, and we can hardly wait to introduce her to our community. Stay tuned!

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