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Regimen: Your Digital Erection Coach

Welcome to Regimen! You’ve made the right choice–to take control of your intimate health and start working on your erection. Combining all scientifically proven strategies will amplify the effect of each treatment for a better overall result–and it might even increase the effectiveness of your existing treatment. In addition, your overall health will improve.

Regimen was developed with leading doctors, researchers, and patients–and co-created with participants from all over the world.

Within just 12 weeks, men in our program see an average improvement of about 65%, based on the international index of erectile function. That's massive! Along the way, we will educate you and encourage you to make choices that will support your success on this journey in the short and long term.

It requires your commitment–just like any health, fitness or weight loss program does–but we are proud to support you on your path to improve and maintain your erection naturally and sustainably.

What We Offer: Your Digital Erection Coach

Together, we will learn to strengthen and stretch the relevant muscles, calm the central nervous system, improve the health of tissue in the penis, and boost the cardiovascular system. You will learn to eat better, in order to give your body the nutrients it needs to take care of your erection. You will learn what roles your stress and lifestyle choices–including vices–play in your health and the health of your erection. You will learn why it matters to get your heart pumping and how to ensure to get the blood where it’s needed. And you will learn about the role of the mind and central nervous system, and how to make them stronger.

You will learn about how complex the erection is, how to make the right choices and stay on track, and why all of this matters.

What are you waiting for?

Join the digital program that empowers you to treat your erection problems with a holistic approach. Self-assess your erectile function now and immediately receive guidance on how to improve it.