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What is Regimen Really Like?

We often get asked, “How does Regimen actually work?”

And while the answer is straightforward–the Regimen program guides you in transforming your overall and intimate health through targeted exercises, lifestyle modification and more–what people often really are asking is, “What is it like to do the Regimen program?”

One Regimen user has the answer. We caught up with him to find out how participating in the program over the last six months has revolutionized his recovery and increased his confidence while overcoming ED.

What made you decide to begin Regimen?

I saw it on a German-language documentary and then months later I realized that I was having issues, too, in that regard. And then I started it. From the very beginning I was very secure in following the program. I really like the in-depth research that you present with the sources included, so that everybody who wants to look deeper into the studies can. And then making the program part of your daily habits is ingenious.

Before you found out about Regimen, did you see a urologist? What was that experience like?

Yes. The urologist just prescribed pills and told me “your problems are psychological, just have some fun and it will go away” without any explanation of how it came to these issues, what factors I could improve in my life. I felt pretty much left alone with the issues, and moreover that I was not being treated very seriously.

What made you feel that doctors weren’t taking your concerns seriously?

Even if there was a psychological issue–because I had a lot of stressful events in the past–I didn’t feel heard at all by the doctors because they were ignoring my history of insomnia and sleep deprivation. I told them my heart is jumping regularly, and that I have pressure on the left side of the chest. It felt like they didn’t hear anything, and just put everything on the psychological side so they could tell me I was good to go.

What did you know about holistic health before Regimen?

I always had the intuition that I could manage stressful times much easier when I was taking care of a healthy lifestyle, but I only knew about certain pieces. For example, I knew about pelvic floor exercises, but I didn’t know how long it would take to see an improvement, and in the past I had quit them. I also knew of the Mediterranean diet but learned a lot more about it from the Regimen program. When I tried to balance out all the factors in the Regimen program my mood and overall fitness improved, and I wasn’t that tired all the time. So the holistic approach was the key for me.

What was most helpful to you at the beginning of your Regimen program?

The scientific research and the general structure of the program is really helpful. At the beginning you mention all the different factors of your health and then you start with the most important ones, and the processes that you explain really gave me a much more complete picture than I had before.

Was it important to you that Regimen explained the possible causes of ED?

Oh, it was essential. I think it’s important to understand the factors that go into the condition, and then to reflect on what might have been causes or influencing factors. In some cases the cause might be pretty clear, like prostate cancer or diabetes, but for most younger patients, especially those who are sporty and eat healthy, it’s like a big question mark–but when they go to the doctor they come back with two big question marks. It is important to understand how it came to this and how it can be reversed.

Have you spoken to any doctors since beginning the program?

Yes, my last visit with a urologist was in the fourth or fifth week when I read that the program could be supported by regular small doses of certain ED drugs. After four weeks of Regimen I was already feeling so much better. For me, psychologically, knowing more about my issue made a big difference. Having started the program, with every week comes a bunch more helpful information, and new exercises, and new challenges.

Was it easy to make a routine out of your Regimen? Did you feel motivated?

Yes, I definitely felt motivated. As soon as I understood how it happened and what I could do about it, I was absolutely motivated. While working from home, I’ve regularly done the exercises in my lunch break. It’s super helpful. It gives me energy and especially due to the problems I’ve had with my circulatory system, it’s exactly what I need.

Is there anything else you would like to share about your experience with Regimen?

I liked the information about what you can do when you break your habit. After I got a bad flu it was really hard to get on board again, because for two and a half weeks I couldn’t do anything. For some reason that was exactly the time where I saw the article about how to reestablish habits that you’ve broken. That was pretty amazing.

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