Let’s work together to get to the root of ED

We’ve helped tens of thousands of people improve their ED holistically and beyond pills. Help your patients take care of their intimate health over the long term.

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Why Regimen exists

Since I actively refer Regimen in addition or instead of pills to my patients, they come back to me with much more knowledge, self responsibility — and thank me for their progress. It's something that I've never experienced in my past decades of practitioning as a specialized urologist and andrologist.

— Dr. Wolf Beecken, Regimen Co-Founder & Medical Director
— Dr. Wolf Beecken,  Regimen Co-Founder & Medical Director

Regimen is an extended care offer for your patients

Our mission is to make your life easier. Patients struggling with ED require a lot of time and attention — more than you’re sometimes able to give them. Regimen is a digital program you can offer to your patients to ensure holistic care, in addition to or instead of pills.

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We’re certified, effective, and do all the heavy lifting

We all know how hard it is to offer patients lifestyle advice or coaching, so leave that to us. Regimen assists you by providing individual evaluations, exercise plans, mindfulness therapy, and more — based on urological guidelines and the latest research. The app is a CE-certified medical device easily accessible for your patients in the iOS and Android App Store. Being a private, digital solution also helps patients who might feel ashamed or embarrassed.

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Increased patient satisfaction for a life without pills

Regimen is life-changing for many patients and their partners. By offering Regimen, you’ll increase their satisfaction with your service and positively impact any online reviews and referrals. In addition, sharing Regimen with your patients shows that you can offer holistic solutions beyond pills.


Help us improve intimate health for millions of ED patients.

Regimen is a CE-certified health product. We’ve published in peer-reviewed journals about our interventions and have support from a high-caliber advisory board.