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Our cognitive-behavioral approach includes everything from meditation sessions to exercise routines and diet plans, as well as education about your condition and regular check-ins.

We take things step-by-step, so getting started is easy. Our personalized plans are based on your exact needs, reassessed as you progress, and adjusted every four weeks.

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Effective methods and long-term results

Every part of the Regimen process is deeply rooted in medical research. Within only 12 weeks of the digital program alone, three out of four users already report improved erections, with an average increase of over 5 points on the IIEF questionnaire. This is a medically significant improvement – and many users see greater improvements beyond that as well.

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We evaluate you for free

Based on our multidisciplinary research, scientific guidelines, and feedback from patients, leading doctors, and researchers, we’ve developed the world’s most holistic ED questionnaire. Get your free intimate health assessment quickly and in the privacy of your home.



You get your plan

Our tech does the heavy lifting. Based on thousands of data points, our app creates a personalized plan for you. This plan can always be accessed through the Regimen app, and using your data, we’ll suggest if any additional therapy options are needed — this could include vacuum pump training, nutritional supplements, or even pharmaceutical support.

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Start your journey

Ultimately, you’re in the driver’s seat but we’re with you every step of the way. We’ll reassess your progress every four weeks and adjust your journey accordingly, based on data, our medical experience, and intelligent algorithms. It takes commitment and consistent care, but remember — you are in control.


What success looks like

Success means different things for different people. For some, it means waking up with morning erections and for others, it means that ED pills work again. It also doesn’t just mean being able to maintain an erection after penetrating –– it means confidence. It means happier and healthier relationships for our clients all over the world, within themselves and with their partners.


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